Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNoWriMo... Na -NO -Wri - NOT!

Now with November is about over I think I can report on my progress with this year's NaNoWriMo writing adventure.

C o m p l e t e B u s t . . . . . . .

I completely failed. My idea went nowhere and I was completely distracted by life.

I recently completed my second novel in the Everstar Series and I was excitedly rewriting and going through it. I forgot how Fun these characters are... and not how much I hate them some times for being in my head so much. That made my mind drift away from Writing Month.

I also had many more opportunities to talk to young people about writing - that also was way more fun than staring at a WORD screen hoping for inspiration.

And one more thing - Vampire-ish is much closer to being finished. It is now in book form and I have it running through a critique group and am very excited to get that out for everyone. It is stinkin' funny!

... so I guess I can't call myself a failure. That fact is, I didn't try. Last year I tried and that is how I got my Vampire story out. This year it was a different story, but I will leave that for a different time. I still believe in it, but just not this November.

To all you other Wrimos... Hats Off to you! I hope you did well, because I ....ummm.... didn't...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn Crap-tacular

  • Barf is a funny word you know? But during all the lovey junk in the beginning... yes, I could've BARFED!!
  • And what was Stephenie Meyer doing at the Wedding? I thought that was TA-a-a-CKY!!! And they like, focused on her. I guess Joe Shmoe wouldn't know, but that is not who is seeing this film. Remind me NEVER to make a Cameo in my Book - Films. Ugh...
  • I couldn't stop laughing at the wolf talking bit. I was relieved the theater was so loud.
  • But there were parts that I thought were lovely, like when Edward had to chew his way through Bella's stomach. Now that's love.
  • I also thought Seth Clearwater was the best part of the whole show. Boo Boo, you rock!
  • I tried to count how many times Jacob ripped off his shirt. I lost count. It was, in fact, the opening scene.
  • I however, thought the Imprinting was lovely, which I thought was so so creepy in the book.
  • ...and the Anticoagulant in the blood was not safe for anyone who is pregnant. No wonder she was a demon baby. I have a whole schpeel about that. Having worked in a Blood Bank for ten years ruins Vampire fiction a little.

This is Friday night with my friends, RayRay, Sare bear, Cyndi-loo, and Preggers.
These are the Isle Esme shirts with the Wrong Black Box on them. And of course I have the green shirt so we look like Christmas.

I had two different groups I promised to go with so I thought I would share both. I had a blast! I just can't take these movies too seriously. It was fun. I can't call me a mega fan, since I couldn't stand the last book, so going in with no expectations has something to be said about it. Will do it again with my TWI-HARDS friends next year I am sure.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Murray High School ROCKS!!

This last Wednesday was so Super fun! I got to hang out at Murray High School and represent with other writers on a panel for their career day. I just wanted to send a loud S H O U T O U T!!!!! To Murray High Students and how absolutely AWESOME they are. I had a blast talking to them about the creative process. I hope to get the chance to come back and do some creative writing exercises.

Karl Beckstrand, Patricia Potts, and Me

It was fun to inspire so many. Each session was full. I gave away 12 books and talked with many young writers about their ideas and I hope that the guidance I could give was helpful. There is such a surge of creativity coming from these teenagers. I can't wait to see what becomes of them. I also placed a book in their Library if anyone is interested.