Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Blood Bank has now moved to its new home, and I have to say, I'm really sad. I have been here 8 years and it is hard adjusting to our new home. Things started moving on Tuesday with the move of the Irradiator. This machine has a high radiation source and is encased in lead, weighing 4400 lbs!! (That's a Volvo, people!!) So, in order to move this we had to have the Irradiator guy to dismantle what he could, U of U security, ARUP security, Home land security (and any other sercurity person...), Corp. Safety officer of ARUP, Salt Lake City Police officer, Hospital Engineering, and Intermountain Rigging and Heavy Haul. There was around 20 people standing around, besides all the Blood Bankers that were there for the show, all there to watch this thing move down the hallway to its new home. It was entertaining to watch. The riggers used a fulcrum lever and jacks to lift it - side note: we were not aloud to touch it, so to watch this dumpy 170 lbs man try to lift up one of the sides of this monster was quite a sight, he was off the ground - and attach it to dollies, and Masonite to roll it and reinforce the floor. I wished I could eat popcorn in the lab it was so entertaining. Ah... it's the little things with me. Here is the aftermath. It felt that we were picking up after a tornado.

Here is our wall that the Irradiator used to sit at.
We decided to Graffiti it before we left, since it will get knocked down anyway. It all started with me drawing a fellow co-worker Heather on the wall, then I had to go to my boss and ask for forgiveness, it's okay, I drew here very cute...(ie: Kelly) I continued to draw everyone in smiley-face form and it turned out so cute!! Now no one wants to knock it down. They are going to feature it in our Lab Gab!

Here are some of my favorites! The likeness is uncanny! I'm in the middle somewhere.

New Face of West Valley

Thought I would post pictures of what 31st and Constitution looks like now.

The city cleared out all the trashy houses on the street to make way for something to do with tracks. I don't know what they will do, but I already think it looks better, don't you?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jules Speak...

  • Say Milk? -- Mok
  • Say Juice? -- Mok
  • Say Dr. Pepper? -- Mok
  • Say Water? -- Waddy
  • Say Mommy? -- Mama
  • Say Daddy? -- Datee
  • Say Julia -- Ooya
  • Say Mia? -- No... (shakes head)
Common words:
  • Pain -- Airplane
  • Voom -- Car
  • Nay -- Horsie
  • Bockie -- Chicken
  • Nax -- Snacks
  • And -- Hand (she claps he hand together usually)
  • Ooze -- Shoes
  • Cucky -- Icky, nasty, or gross
  • Poop -- which is poop... sorry about that one, but she tells us.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kevin Excessive Need To Cut Things

My Little Tree Hugger!!

I came home from work on Friday and half of my trees were GONE! But I can't complain. I love my trees, but they were growing into our house. Now that Kevin has nothing to do on Fridays, (except... I don't know... finish the basement) he decided to give our trees a haircut.

Got to say, Kevin has magic hands and my yard looks FABULOUS now. It looks bigger, my house looks bigger and our spatchy-patchy grass is now growing.

Julia is such a helper, don't you think?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cani's Book Review of Everyone's Favorite... "Breaking Dawn"

I was hesitant to talk about the 4th book in the Twilight series and give everyone a chance to read it. But it's been 17 days nows... that's enough... and we had our book club yesterday and I hardly got to say what I really felt, since so many people LOVED the book.

DISCLAIMER: if you don't want spoilers, stop reading!!!

I COULDN'T STAND reading this. I thought that it would never end. There were moments that were okay... like some of the first 2 parts, even though I still had problems with a lot, but it was readable. But, I should just know before I read another Stephenie Meyer book, that she can never execute an ending that I will like... EVER!!! When I was down with the birth and the turning into a vampire, I looked at the book and thought, what the Heck? I still have 370 so pages left, what could happen? I think it was about 300 page tooooo long!!! And then where was no action? If you are going to write a book that has over 750 pages, there better be some action!! For crying out loud! They're VAMPIRES!! Let's have some blood!! Stupid passive vampires!!

And all though I wanted Bella to become a vampire, I missed her humanity. But, come on... did she have to be the "Ultimate Super Indestructible Mega-Vampire!" It wasn't fun anymore. Even though Bella was never my favorite character, I hated her as a vampire. Couldn't she still be clumsy? The bumbling lovable vampire that everyone just smiles and says, "... ah, it's just Bella..." and they laugh together. Ha...ha...ha...

A friend and I talked about this, which I agree, I don't like neatly wrapped packages. Some people, (Becka) have to have the neat package. Maybe Stephenie Meyer is the same. She is afraid to kill off characters. You ask is that bad? I think so. Unlike JK, who definitely is NOT afraid to kill off characters, but don't you think you need to feel sorrow, to truly understand JOY?

All I can say about this - it was a very valuable lesson to me, as a writer, of what NOT to do. It was my disappointment with "Eclipse" that led me to write my book in the first place.

So if I ever get my book published, I will have to thank her for firing me up!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Potty Talk!

Mia just came to me and said, "Mom, I'm really hunger."

I replied, "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

She replied, "Well, I'm not going to stick my head in the toilet!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to Priorities

It feels sooooo good to be back in love with Harry. How I've miss him!! It was a fun ride Edward, but ahh... Harry... Edward has nothing on you. So, because of my geekish nature I've decided to post both trailers for your enjoyment and they can duke it out for my heart!! Incidently, I will be attending BOTH MIDNIGHT shows if anyone will be in town, (I suggest you be there): HP6 Nov. 20th and Twilight Dec. 11th.

Here's the poll: which are you more excited for?

Are you Team Harry

Or Team Edward

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Book -- my first draft

Looks almost good enough to be good! I've already rewritten the first chapter, but it looks so good, it's nice to have the memory.

Here it is. Cool font too. Becka was so excited to read it that she made it into a book. My very first rough draft. She was going to post it on your blog, but she thought of it as my baby and sent to me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn Midnight Party Geek Out!!

No kidding Breaking Dawn... I was up till 3 in the morning reading the stupid thing!! I went with my 2 sister-in-laws and my friend Mandy Beauchaine to B&N and enjoyed th festivities. There were a "Gizillions" 13 year olds and I felt like one of the oldest ones. Luckily, I don't look like an "old woman" because I got some good flirting in with one of the check-out guys. But it was stupid and fun, and I can't wait to do it for "Beedle The Bard" which, incidentally, happens to come out on my Anniversary. "Kevin Who?"
Katie, Jan, "the other Candy, Mandy's sister" and Mandy.
Me, Katie, and Jan. My geek-out Tee reads, "Hand over Breaking Dawn and nobody will get hurt." Not my idea, but it was really affective when all the teenage girls came screaming out of the store at midnight. It was so easy to "Wap!" them with that 750 page paper weight.

Breaking Dawn Geek-tastic!

Here are the neighborhood girls going me for a before party.

Mia, Catherine, Michell, Katie, Beth, Mandy, Jessica, and Me... and Edward.

My "LUCKY" finger.

If none of you had seen my broken finger, there it is. They couldn't cast it, so I picked out some cute purple bandage wrap. It only made it look more obvious when I was "flipping someone off".

I broke at Girls Camp in June. Something happened involving a tire swing and splintering bridge and a taut rope with my fingers in it. We had been there 3 hours and I stayed the whole time not knowing until Friday that it was actually broken. Didn't matter to me, I could still play my Ukulele.