Monday, February 8, 2010

A Lesson Over Lunch

Mia, Julia, and I had lunch today at Chickfila - love that place - and here was our conversation.

Mia: Look at my straw Mom. They have cool bendy straws and you don't get one.

Me: Nope, I get a boring grown-up straw.

Mia: Cause, you're a boring grown-up.

Me: Thanks. I'm just saying that I have to get the adult meal, cause I'm not a kid.

Mia: But, your a Child of God.

Me: (laugh) Yes, but that doesn't mean I can get a Kid's meal.

Mia: Maybe you should talk to Heavenly Father about that.


Winnie said...

Well, yes you could do that. Mia is soooo hilarious.

Gramma Sue said...

Yes - you can talk to Heavenly Father about anything. I'm sure He'd let you have a kids meal, if you really want one.

MamaBug said...

Oh! You gotta love that! Love the confidence that Heavenly Father can fix anything for you, even weighty matters like kids' meals. :D

Mrs Super Fantastic said...

Candie you and Mia crack me up. your blog always gives me the giggles, thanks

Becka said...

You know, you can go get a bendy straw if you really want one and you don't even have to ask Heavenly Father for it.

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

I about died laughing. Sooo funny!

Cani said...

What's funny is my "Lesson" about prayer was totally blown back in my face!

beckyhalls said...

Whenever I need a laugh, I come to your blog to read Mia's quotes... this one's my new fave :)