Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Declassified

I have always hated Valentine's day. I don't like the logic behind it. It seems like another holiday to make you feel bad that you are not as appreciated as you think you are. But it is irrelevant - you are appreciated everyday. Why would one day change that?

I told Kevin when we got married, that all I wanted was a homemade card. Boy, if you think he got it easy... you would be right. That to me is much better than flowers or candy. Kevin is not the lovey type - neither am I, which is perfect, but he tends to get a little creative and I never know what to expect.

Last year I posted his V-day card. The awesome Doomsday Squad igniting the atmosphere - yes, that was the one.

This year is pretty good. Let me start with my card...

Kevin and I have really gotten into the British show TOP GEAR on BBC America. If you don't know it - SHAMELESS PLUG... YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW!! IT IS THE FUNNIEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Okay, so if you do know Top Gear you will know that they are looking for a new STIG. The Stig is their test track driver with a secret identity.

I thought I was clever.

Here is Kevin's. He got the idea from RED - ANOTHER SHAMELESS PLUG... LOVE THAT SHOW. Bruce Willis's character's FBI file looked much like this. I thought it was hilarious. Now that is love...

Here is a close-up...

I guess that's what I get for marrying a mad scientist.