Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conversations with my Girls!

While riding home from work -

Julia: Momma, the Sun is looking at me.

I look back at her and the sun is shining at her through the window.

Mommy: Sorry that the Sun is looking at you.

Julia: Yeah, I like the Stars and the Moon. Can you get the Moon to look at me?

Mommy: I'll see what I can do.


Mia: Did you know that aglets are important?

Dad: A what?

Mia: an Aglet.

Mom: An anklet?

Mia: NO! An A-g-let!

Mom: An Aglet? What's an aglet?

Mia: Sheesh! It's the tip of a shoelace!

Candie gets on -


[ag-lit] –noun
1. a metal tag or sheath at the end of a lace used for tying, as of a shoelace.

Mom: Where did you learn that?

Mia: Phineas and Ferb Mom! Geeze!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Writers with Writers

We had a fabulous time at the writer's workshop. I have to thank Wendy Christianson for telling me about it and coming. It was nice to know someone there.

The Workshop was held on August 28th at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. There was at least 30 writers and illustrators that participated. After the first hour of meet and great in the theater they split us up into groups of about 25 and were paired with authors: Dan Webb, Bree Despain, Sydney Salter, and Shannon Hale. We got to ask questions which was so awesome. Then they split us more pairing us with to authors for our Manuscript critique: Dan Wells and Shannon Hale - can you BELIEVE my luck? The authors went through our first page and gave some advice. I got so nervous reading my first page to Shannon Hale I started stumbling over the words. It was so much worse than reading out loud in 7th grade English. But my critique was pretty positive. They did give a few good pointers, which I followed.

After lunch they had book signing and I stayed around to Chat with Shannon - I didn't care about getting anything signed, I just wanted to talk with her. I didn't want to regret anything. Turns out we have a lot in common, even my friend Wendy went to college with her. But she was very encouraging and I'm excited about actually doing this.

I do feel like I am applying for a new job... which I guess I am, but at a more tender scale.

Here are some authors I met - Don't know the guy in pink in the front, Sydney Salter, Wendy Toliver, Dan Wells, Shannon Hale, Jessica Day George (The Red Head)

Brandon Mull was on the other side. He's like 7 feet tall!!

Totally worth it!! Next year my goal it to BE one of the authors invited!
Wish me luck!