Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Mia: Mommy? Does Heavenly Father know everything? Even very, very, hard division?

Mom: Yes, he knows everything. He created it.

Mia: He created Division? Why would he do that?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dead People aren't Magicians

May has been a strange month - I've had a few funerals that I attended. Both I will post a link if you are curious about people that have had an effect on my life -


Grandpa "Hap"~

...but enough about that, I wanted to tell you some funny things that come from kids trying to understand death.

Jules- my 4 yr old tough as nail princess - who we call Miss Bossy Pants, attended the viewing of Grandpa "Hap", my husband's grandfather.

I was delicate, because I wasn't sure she would handle it. When I took her to my own grandma's funeral, she was barely three and kept trying to wake her up.

Here are some conversations:

Dad: Does it look like he is sleeping.

Jules: (Matter of fact) No. It looks like he's dead.

She was very curious about the casket and said.

Jules: Are the pillows so he can sleep better?

Only half of the casket was open and she couldn't see his feet, this was a big concern to her.

Jules: Mom? His he a magician?

Me: A magician?

Jules: Yes, he looks like they cut him in half.

Me: (snicker) No honey, his legs are there.

Jules: Are they in the drawer?

Me: What drawer?

Jules moves to the handle on the front and tries to move it.

Me: Sweetie, that's not a drawer. That's so people can lift him up and carry him to the car.

Jules: But when it tips over we can see his legs. Then will he stand up?

Me: Honey, it's not going to tip over.

Jules: It might tip over if the drawer comes out.

At this point I gave up and just agreed with her.

The next day when we went to the family viewing before the funeral my husband took her back over there to see his body.

Dad: What do you think?

Jules: Nope, he's still dead.

Mia - my 7 yr old wanted nothing to do with it. She just said "Funerals are Boring," and complained the entire time. I happened to mention that my grandpa died when I was 7. I said, "Think about if he were your own Grandpa and if he died."

....Wrong thing to say. She burst into tears, but was good the rest of the time.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloggies and Sweeties!

In this world of Blogging I have to say that anything is possible.

I was recently approached by a blogger on Goodreads if she could review my book. I was ecstatic! It is always a little nerve racking knowing someone is going to look at your work and judge you. YIKES! No one wants to be judged, but to do it on purpose just seems stupid.

I've been nervous about people reading my stuff, but that is what an author does. I think that anything that an author writes that is not polished is frankly embarrassing for others to see, since everyone expects the quality to be impeccable. But authors are human and sometimes my "they"s are "the"s and so on. I feel more comfortable knowing this is, at the very least, edited.

She just received my novel and posted it on your blog.


She will be posting a review within the next few months.

I will also soon be interviewed on a blog featuring local artists. This is run by a great friend Mike Frye, who is a columnist, photographer, blogger, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. He is helping me understand more of the world of Social Media and how to get my name out. Thank you Mike!


In celebration of these exciting moments I have discounted my ebooks to $4.99 from $8.99.

I'm tickled with these opportunities and grateful that this person as wanting to give my little novel a chance. :)