Friday, January 10, 2014

The Wee Small Hours...

Here I am.... I woke up around 4 in the morning and my brain would not shut off. I fluffed my pillow, moved around, re-positioned my hip, smooth out the blanket contortion and again, closed my eyes, knowing I have three more hours before I need to get up and get the kids ready for school...

...and instead of dreaming, I lay there thinking.

This is what I call the magic hour. It doesn't seem magic at the time, it seems like the biggest pain to be thinking instead of dreaming. But trust me, use these hours to your advantage.

My brain takes off in directions I never expect. I think the resting images in my brain try to make sense of my day and connect the cognitive questions that never get an answer.

During different mornings I have thought up a few of my ideas for my books. Vivatera started this way. I thought of the whole story and my brain grew more excited and more awake. I used to keep a notebook like many people and write down different ideas, but can never make sense of it if I try to get back to sleep.

So, here is some writing advice...

The thing to do is let it play out in your brain, then make a sweet mug of hot cocoa, grab your little lap top, sit on the couch in your living room, and watch the sunrise while you write. Let your brain take over and get out those silly ideas that are keeping you awake. Who knows what might come of this. Some are rubbish, some seem promising, but out of all this there is one, one that might stretch its legs and take on a life of its own.

I love those mornings. And the best that comes from my writing happens during these wee small hours. I'm grateful for them. If you haven't experienced it, try it. See what comes out of you. You might write a blog about it. ;)