Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn Crap-tacular

  • Barf is a funny word you know? But during all the lovey junk in the beginning... yes, I could've BARFED!!
  • And what was Stephenie Meyer doing at the Wedding? I thought that was TA-a-a-CKY!!! And they like, focused on her. I guess Joe Shmoe wouldn't know, but that is not who is seeing this film. Remind me NEVER to make a Cameo in my Book - Films. Ugh...
  • I couldn't stop laughing at the wolf talking bit. I was relieved the theater was so loud.
  • But there were parts that I thought were lovely, like when Edward had to chew his way through Bella's stomach. Now that's love.
  • I also thought Seth Clearwater was the best part of the whole show. Boo Boo, you rock!
  • I tried to count how many times Jacob ripped off his shirt. I lost count. It was, in fact, the opening scene.
  • I however, thought the Imprinting was lovely, which I thought was so so creepy in the book.
  • ...and the Anticoagulant in the blood was not safe for anyone who is pregnant. No wonder she was a demon baby. I have a whole schpeel about that. Having worked in a Blood Bank for ten years ruins Vampire fiction a little.

This is Friday night with my friends, RayRay, Sare bear, Cyndi-loo, and Preggers.
These are the Isle Esme shirts with the Wrong Black Box on them. And of course I have the green shirt so we look like Christmas.

I had two different groups I promised to go with so I thought I would share both. I had a blast! I just can't take these movies too seriously. It was fun. I can't call me a mega fan, since I couldn't stand the last book, so going in with no expectations has something to be said about it. Will do it again with my TWI-HARDS friends next year I am sure.

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