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Shadows of Angels - a conversation with author L.G. Rollins

Excerpt: Shadows of Angels

"Stay calm, her father’s words echoed in her head. When you find yourself in danger, above all, stay calm. Aerbrin took a deep, steady breath and leaned down, reaching for her bow. one of the Forest Dwellers charged. It collided with her and knocked her to the floor. Raising a knotted fist, he bashed her head.Sparks exploded across her vision. She tried to raise an arm, tried to call out. Her body wouldn’t respond. The Forest Dwellers grunted again. The creature above her raised its fist again. She looked up. This was the end, she knew. When these monsters attacked, they killed everything. Animals, plants, and particularly humans. No one survived.Closing her eyes, Aerbrin forced her body to relax. This time, there was no pain."

I met Laura (L.G. Rollins) at several author and writer events, the most recent in September at a writer's retreat where I was doing a workshop. I knew immediately that she was my kind of person - fantasy writing book lover, who dreamed in worlds with dragons, fairies, and folklore. I was chuffed to bits when I heard about her book release. I get so excited when writing friends join me in the publishing world.

Shadows of Angels, published by Cedar Fort, is right up my reading alley.

After the forest dwellers destroy her home and kill her father, Aerbrin sets off on a journey to find the trith about her people, her kingdom, and the mysterious Zaad stone that contains a power she never imagined. Magic and mystery join forces in this intriguing fantasy world. Full of shifting alliances and twists you won't see coming, it's a can't miss read. 

I jumped at the chance to talk with Laura about her journey into publishing...

cjt: So, Laura, have you always wanted to be a writer?  
lgr: Yes. I started by writing quirky stories and sappy poems when I was only seven. I wrote a bit during High School, but then decided to 'grow-up' and do something 'real' when I got to college. After becoming a mom, I needed a creative outlet to stop me from going insane, and writing just came naturally. At first it was just a hobby, something I loved doing. But, it wouldn't stay small. Writing fills my life with a passion that I would be hollow without.

cjt: What started your journey in writing?
lgr: My parents were going through some old boxes back when I was very young, and we found a story my dad had written when he was in elementary school. It was several pages, all stapled together, with his hand-writing and hand-drawn pictures of a boy and his dog, named "Bow-wow". Seeing his book made me think, "I could do this. I could write a story".

cjt: Who helped inspire your path? Any books? Authors? People? lgr: Yes. Yes. And Yes. Many books, many authors, and many people. As I said, my dad was my first inspiration. He's a natural story-teller and always told me that I could become anything I wanted to—even an author. If I tried to list all the book and authors that inspired me, I'd miss a bunch, or put you to sleep. There are just so many. Truth be told, every story I have ever read/seen/heard has impacted my thoughts and changed how I think, how I see others, how I weave tales.

cjt: I find inspiration hits in random daily occurrences. What inspires you daily?
lgr: Other stories. I love stories. I'm a total story-junkie. Doesn't matter if it's a novel, movie, or TV show. I love stories and how they take the disorganized matter of reality and mold it into something completely fictional—and yet, in creating the fiction we better see the real.

cjt: And last question, what makes you happiest in life? lgr: My family, particularly my husband (aka. Superman). My relationship with my Savior. And, yes, writing. Writing certainly makes me very happy. After a good day of writing, doesn't much matter what else happens during the day, I feel on top-of-the-world happy.

Congratulations Laura on the release of your book. I'm so delighted. And if you are interested in learning more about Laura, check out her website at:

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Laura Rollins said...

I've loved being able to chat with you, Candace!
L. G. Rollins