Monday, September 16, 2013

The Wet Blanket - A Love Story...

People wonder why I don't take my husband to all my GEEKING OUT, like midnight movies and book signings... well, I don't wonder at all. I know perfectly well why I DON'T take him. Heck, I don't even invite him.

My husband Kevin is a constant thinker. His brain is actively working all the time. Many nights he falls asleep on the couch just so the TV can lull him to sleep. So, sometimes he thinks too much.

One of my more recent "Geeking" was STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Lots of my friends wanted to go. I bought thirty or more tickets for everyone. I made shirts, my friend Rick made Star Trek communicators... we had a blast.

My husband came, but I didn't sit next to him - not because I didn't like him, but there wasn't a spot, which was fine. He didn't say much after, because I loved it so much, even though I was routing for the bad guy. Our marriage survived it.

Anyway, I watched it again last Friday after I received my pretty new Blue-Ray from Amazon. Sunday morning - nearly 36 hours later - he comes into the kitchen and says to me, "Don't ask where this train of thought came from... But, if Kirk were smarter he wouldn't have detonated the cold fusion device in the volcano, he should have detonated it near the volcano or the side of the volcano and it would have had the same effect. Then Spock wouldn't have been in the volcano in the first place and they wouldn't have to rescue him."

And my reply: "Well, that would have been a boring movie."

He goes on to tell me in detail about some of the flawed physics in the movie, the Enterprise underwater, the Enterprise tumbling through Earth's gravity... I knew he had stewed about this too much, making things logically right in his busy brain. I'm sitting there listening to him all the while thinking... this is a movie. This is fiction.

Kev: "I'm just saying that I don't think Kirk thought this plan all the way through."

Me: "But that would ruin the whole point of the movie."

Kev: "That bad physics makes for good action movies?"

Me: "No. That Kirk saves Spock's life. How could he save Spock's life if he wasn't in the volcano?"

Kev: "It could have happened on the ship later."

Me: "Boring."

Kev: "And this is why I don't write for Hollywood."

...and Kevin... the world is thankful for that!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Wrath of Comic Con!

The SLC Comic Con was SOOOOOO much fun! The organizers were worried that a few thousand would show up... WHAT?!

Are these people even for Salt Lake? We have such a loyal following here of everything Geek worthy. We also have a fabulous Indie underground culture of artists, authors, and creative dynamos. Close to 80,000 people worked past my booth and I took pictures with the best of them.

I thought I might share some of my favorite pictures with you all so you might feel like you were there.

My Awesome Saturday Crew - Meliss, Beckers, Me, and Sare Bear
I loved this costume! My Illumium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
The line for the Tardis was super long. We got there just at the right time. It must have just arrived. ;)
The Doctor's new Companions. Don't you love Becky's Tardis hat?
YUNA!!! My fave Final Fantasy X!
We found him... Where's Waldo?

 I think this picture would have been better from the above level looking out over the crowd. Clever... clever people.
Julie helped my on Thursday. She's so awesome!
This R2 unit has a bad motivator! with Julie First day
Julie wearing the Everstar on her Face!
This was the year of the Doctor. There were a lot of people dressed up as one doctor or the other... I mean, they only have 11 to pick from. 
"Oh Zooly - you nut!"
My husband's the one n the cape - a cape his grandmother made for him when he was 5. The cape that says Kevin! This was what he did the whole conference, photo bomb people's pictures with his cape. So look through your pictures everyone. Look for the man in the cape.

My husband photo bombing some Halo guy.

I had to take a picture of Fry and Leela! This was right in front of my booth.
Great Location right next to the Doctor Who Posters.
"You are part of the Rebellion Alliance and a Trader!"

My Nerdy Family. This picture took years to make. At least now we have an excuse to get together once a year.
And a check mark on my bucket list - me with Kevin Sorbo... I had a picture of him pasted in my locker in high school... a picture I placed in a scrapbook and grabbed to get it autographed. Before the doors opened, during VIP hours I thought I might get a chance to see him, and there he was with only a few people in line. I stood there and then I thought "I can't do this" and went back to my booth. I totally chickened out. I placed the picture back in my bag and left it there. Ten minutes later my husband came over to the booth, grabbed my hand and said, "I need to borrow her for a second." He took me over to Kevin Sorbo, where I guess they were discussing me and had me meet him and take a picture. I was so starstruck and couldn't speak... so tall and hunky. I couldn't believe it. I'm placing this picture right next to the one I have with Bruce Campbell.

I can't wait for next year!