Monday, September 27, 2010

Smiles and Phuggles

Here are some conversations I have had with my Mia lately...


I was downstairs helping Mia clean her room and I started hucking stuffed animals on her bed and Mia starts yelling at me...

Mia: Whoa whoa whoa Mom. What are you doing?

Me: Your animals all need to go on your bed so we can sort them.

Mia: but don't throw them Mom.

Mom: Why not?

Mia: We don't throw things with smiles.

Me: With smiles?

Mia: Yes, don't throw anything with a smile.

Me: Why not?

Mia: Just don't. Because it might make them sad and it would make me sad if they lose their smiles and get frowny.

Me: Okay, sorry, I won't throw anything with smiles.


Mia bought a new penguin - I know... another one! She was trying to come up with a name for it and she likes to name penguins with a "P" so I tried to help.

Me: Penelope, Putrences, Petunia...

Mia: Mom, those are dumb. How about Parker?

Me: Now that's a dumb name. Does it have to start with a P?

Mia: I like the P names Mom. How about Peeper?

Me: Fine. (I looked at the penguin again, with his big, enormous eyes and fat head) How about naming him Fugly.

Mia: Mom, that doesn't start with a P.

Me: It does if you spell it with a PH.

Mia: Mom, you're a genius. But let's name him Phuggles, cause Fugly is dumb.

Me: Phuggles it is.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writing Rodeo Round-up

I attend the League of Utah Writer Annual Conference Round-up yesterday and I have to tell you - I was nervous, but I had a great time. If you can imagine the scene... Me, alone, in a room with tons of tables, a lot of talking with friends, and I have to go sit somewhere there amongst the talking/writing elite. Yeah, my stomach was already a wreck from nerves and lack of sleep. But to give a good idea of things that went on I'll share what I learned.

I learned a few things:
  • I am just as nerdy as all these other geeks that live in their head too much.
  • I met some wonderful writers whom I am actually very excited to read more from, even though I have NEVER read any women's fiction. It feels good to have writers read your stuff, because they have love for you at all and form no biased opinions. :)
  • A few posts ago I talked about attending a letter query writing class and some guy chatting with me like he was the coolest guy there like he knew his stuff? Well, I ate lunch with him and attended his class, and actually found out that he did know his stuff, and did know what he was talking about. Who knew?
  • There are also some very strange people and some very normal people who write. I felt like one of the young ones and I attracted attention; maybe because of my long blonde hair or maybe for being one of the saner ones.
  • I didn't feel so stupid for being an Indie Writer. People thought I was so cool for having my book on Amazon.
And I schmoozed with some people:
  • There was an editor from Covenant you seemed really interested in my work - too bad Covenant doesn't publish Fantasy or Vampire Satire.
  • A met some cool published authors, that I've never read, but might now that I have met them.
  • James Dashner, though still nerdy, is actually a lot funnier and cooler than my original impression at the Writer's Workshop last year.
And most exciting news:
  • I met with an agent who thought my stuff sounded fun and interesting and asked me to send it to her in New York. She might have thought I was some spastic cow talking my nervous head off about nothing, but she seemed amused. She seems really fun and everyone cross your fingers about this. I made myself so sick all day over this...
and... DRUMROLL.......
  • I got an Honorable Mention for my Everstar Manuscript in the age 14-17 category - which is out of the entire state and nearly 100 entries. Basically you are looking at the FIFTH PLACE WINNER!!! with no money prize... YIPPEE!!!!
It was a great experience. I'm more excited than even to start writing again.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BIG 100!!!!!

I made it!! My 100th Blog!! In celebration I wanted to smack you all in the Face with this ENORMOUS PIE this lady - let's name her Luetta - is holding. I love this picture.
I hope I'm related to her somewhere...

I haven't blogged in a while, not because I lack interesting things to say, but I lack time.
I have many time wasters.

Here are some stupid things I've done lately:
  • I got Braces. My good friend Dave McDonough (Shameless plug) is an Orthodontist and talked me into a fabulous smile. He screwed a screw in the top of my mouth to hide all the good stuff going on inside. It's a pretty tricky trick, and creeps people out, but no one knows my secret...
  • I wrote a book - but that's old news. The publishing of it has kind of taken my out of the water for the moment. And I swear... everyday I feel like I want to change it again... but the whole reason I did it was so I didn't have to think about it again, but everyone that has read it wants to know when book 2 is coming. Well, I'm on chapter 7 there, so.... take a guess.
  • I also have my Book Release Party coming up. You have to read my book to come, because there might be spoilers... and Q&A about all things Naomi. Should be fun. And CRAZY!!
  • I had a mountain - NO JOKE - of laundry to do, and that had to be done. Now I have over two hundred pairs of socks in a basket in my living room. I'm very proud.
  • I'm trying to finish my other book before September 18th. The reason- I'm meeting with an agent, who looks pretty cool. My Vivatera, being complete could be nice, or stupid, and I don't know which yet, but my vampire novel is a clincher!! If I have that done, just even my rough draft, I think I could talk her into that.
  • Girls camp... Phew... over... and still running out of breath..
  • ... the biggest time consumer of all - MOCKINGJAY!! MOCKINGJAY!! MOCKINGJAY!! I had to read the Hunger Games Series again, and Mockingjay, I felt was a very well rounded, besides totally tripping me out read. I was sucked in immediately, like the others, and it tricked me, like the others, and killed so many people that I never got attached to them. This is all with revealing anything. But I FINALLY understand WHY it's called PANEM... that Suzanne Collins is so stinkin' clever.
With everything in my life taking off, it's hard to stay focused, but all is well here and I will hear from you all soon, I'm sure.