Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the Season...

to share some things I didn't expect to hear or say this Christmas season.


Me: Mia, don't spit on the Temple Grounds.

Mia: But when I see a dry place I just need to get it wet.


Mia: But I really want a Rapunzel Tower for Christmas.

Me: But it is so expensive.

Mia: But I asked Santa to make it and Santa will get it for me.

Me: Well, let me explain something about Santa. Santa has to have a job too. He can't just give stuff away all the time. He has to make money too and I can't afford for Santa to get that for you.


Me: Julia! It's time to get up.

Julia: No mom. It's time to get down.


Mia: Mom, if we go somewhere for Christmas, does Santa still come to our house?

Mom: No. If he knows where you are sleeping, I'm sure he will know where to take the presents.

Mia: Oh Mom, you are always thinking aren't you.

Mom: I guess so. That's what a brain does. It thinks.

Mia: But not if you have a brain transplant.

Mom: Well, yes, I guess you might stop thinking if you consider having one of those.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hard Hat Area... Extreme Caution!!

My Blog is Currently Under Construction -

but won't it be just


I'll have something new very soon...

Like how my daughter wanted to play HOME ALONE and boobie trapped my entire house...

ah yah... didn't go over too well...