Monday, February 9, 2009

Sc"Hair"y tales!

I know news travels fast... but yes it is true, I cut my hair. I tried my best to get a good picture for everyone, but if I liked the hair cut more, maybe that would help.

I went in to the Salon with an idea that I wanted a change, but not 9 inches of change, just maybe a little shape from my boring straight. The lady, no offense to her, but she had the idea that I wanted a "Mommy-Do!" You need to know that is the last thing I wanted. But she cut and styled it for me. I was embarrassed to exit the mall. It just didn't look like me. She round-brushed it in and made my head look like a big football helmet. YIKES!!!

So, I am coping and getting used to it everyday. It really isn't that short and I don't think I look awful. I figure for this haircut to work I need to change my wardrobe, start having mommy play groups, shop at Gymborie and Baby Gap, wear taller heels, have streaks, actually care about my children's hair style, and wear a LOT more make-up.

That seems like too much, so this is what I've done so far...

Mia took the picture, pretty good for 5.


Kristina said...

I really like it. I think it's super cute. And don't forget to buy some high wedges, get a french manicure on your fingernails AND toenails, and get a cute coat with a lot of fake fur around the hoodie. That should do it. :) But, honestly, I think it's cute and you're too cool to be a "mommy" anyway!

Oh, and to comment on your post below about the Terrible Towel: not having to deal with Kevin being in a horrible mood because the Steelers lost is probably worth having the towel hung up in your living room!

Kristina said...

I forgot--AND you need to move to West/South Jordan or Utah Valley. :)

Dave and Becka said...

You hair is definitely a Utah Family Do ;^)

I do really like it but I do think you need to change your wardrobe. I need new clothes!

Cani said...

ouch Beck... that stings. Punch me while I'm down.

Winnie said...

And don't forget signing your kids up for soccer and gymnastics and dancing and ...! And you need to set up some carpools, too.

I really like your new haircut, too.