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Kingdom City Revolt - Discussions with author Ben Ireland

Smarmy Aussie Author Ben Ireland
AUTHORS speak the same language, the complex language of creation. I love talking with authors who speak this language, especially those new within my circle. I can’t say Ben Ireland is new, since we are both in the Fantasy anthology MOMENTS IN MILLENNIA, but his friendship is new. He moved to my state and very close to my city, and he received a quick education about my working and writing relationships within the community. I’ve liked his work as an author, and it’s fun to put the narrative voice to a face.

MEET BEN IRELAND – Author of the KINGDOM CITY SERIES with the newest release REVOLT available January 31st. Don't let the last name fool you, he's a native of Australia, (WHOOO!) which automatically makes him charming like Hugh Jackman, growing up with dingoes and didgeridoos and listening to Men At Work. He delves in the Urban Fantasy realm - imagine a mash-up including Mistborn, Dresden Files, and the Fifth Element—solid, action-packed, complexity. AND has one of the coolest maps I’ve ever seen in a series. (Yes, map snob - right here!) Check him out here:

Map of Awesomeness
Let's get to know a little about Ben, shall we?

Do people think you're so cool and fascinating because you're Australian? I know I do.
Strangers often ask me to say things like ‘Throw a shrimp on the Barbie.’  If you ever hear me say that, you know I like you. A lot.

Talk to me about your KINGDOM CITY series and about this newest book REVOLT.
Kingdom City: Revolt is part two of the Kingdom City series. Without meaning to, it’s sort of ended up like Star Wars—meaning I started telling the story from the middle. Think of the Kingdom City: R books (Resurrection, Revolt, and for now, Retribution) as the main arc. To fully flesh out the world of Kingdom City, I wrote a lot about how it came to be, and the inevitable fallout of the R arc. Those scribblings have become the outlines to the prequels and follow up novel.

Revolt follows Paul and his fellow police officers dealing with the aftermath of the events in book one. Half of the city has been sealed off by Representative Brian Shuman, and he’s systematically imprisoning the population in order to subject them to excruciating cyberization operations. Paul is torn between protecting the people fighting for their lives, or trying to save his family.

Where did you get your idea for Kingdom City?
I knew I wanted to write something and I wanted it to be cool. I thought, ‘what’s cool? Epic swords. Epic swords are cool.’ One thing lead to another, and now I have a complex dystopian series that covers almost 1000 years. Sorry, that was a bit spoilery.

And I love your covers. They have a very graphic novel appeal. Who did your art work?
Luke Spooner of Carrion House

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Not in so many words. I’ve always had the compulsion to be creative and it’s come out in a lot of forms over the years. I enjoy writing most of all because reading is what really got me through my tumultuous teenage years. I hope that my stories can help some kid like me escape whatever he’s dealing with for a little while. To help him know that there is someone out there that gets what he’s going through.
Look! There we are together

What started your journey in writing? 
I’ve always loved books and escaping into them. Kingdom City is what started me writing more than ten years ago. I came up with the idea and wrote a movie script. When I was done I looked at my wife and said ‘what the hell do I do with this?’ she replied, ‘turn it into a book.’ She’s regretted that ever since.

Who helped inspire your path? Any books? Authors? People?
Early on, I loved The Hobbit—it was the first big-kid book I read twice (One Fish, Two Fish,Red Fish, Blue Fish was the first little-kid book I read more than once). I read a lot of Azimov growing up, too. Just prior to my writing really taking off, I fell in love with Harry Potter. JK’s world is so colorful and engaging it’s hard to not fall in love. Today I’m an avid fan of Harry Dresden. The engrossing characters and deep, beautiful world that Butcher has created is something I’m constantly trying to emulate.

What makes you happiest in life?
Kisses, hugs, my kids, my wife, popcorn, chocolate milkshakes. Not in that order.

Ben is an outstanding guy and a fantastic writer. It has been very fun getting to know him better, a breath of fresh air in my dull writing existence. One of my goals in life is to have a convincing Australian accent. Knowing someone with one is nearly as good.

Check out Kingdom City Series: Resurrection and Revolt published by Xchyler Publishing.

Follow Ben on his International Blog Tour and enter the Rafflecopter for a really cool art from Spooner himself.

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