Friday, March 16, 2012

Writing For Charity - Revisited

A few years ago I got the chance to go to a Writing For Charity Event at the Treehouse Museum. I blogged about it long time ago.
This year I get to go. It's at the Provo Historical Library and has stellar Authors. My hope some day would be one of them. I'll post all the fun and pics... 
Writing For Charity
But here was the fun I had before: (Originally Posted 9-7-09) 
Writers With Writers

Friday, March 2, 2012

Stupidity Ball

I had the lucky fortune of winning a Stability Ball at my work. I have never owned one. I figured - what would I do with this? And I don't feel I have the room for the huge rubber ball in my house.

But luck smiles on the fortunate.

I picked it up last night. They were kind enough to fill it for me and I was lucky enough to drive a SVU that could fit it in the back.

When I picked up my Jules from Pre-school she was so excited to see this giant ball in the back.

Jules: Is that for me?

Me: Nope it's mine.

She was rather confused. Why would Mommy want a giant ball? But I promised I would let her play with it, and she was fine.

Later I came home and mentioned to my husband Kev that I won something from work and that he would love it. He never asked what it was and started talking about his trip he just returned from. So I completely forgot to finish the conversation.

All four of us went to my 8 yr old Mia's Parent/Teacher Conference and afterward we thought we might grab some dinner. I was driving and it wasn't until I went to back up out of a parking place that Kev finally saw this ball. I mean, you couldn't miss it, sticking out, blocking my rear-view vision.

Kev: Holy freaking Ball!

Me: Oh yes, (I remembered I hadn't finished this conversation) I told you I won something.

Kev: What do you do with a ball that big?

Me: It is for exercising. It's my stability ball.

My eight year old Mia snickered: You mean STUPIDITY BALL!!

Yes. She had said it. What we were all thinking. I couldn't stop laughing.

Score one for Mia!