Monday, April 25, 2011

Mia Moments

Just some memorable things that have happened lately:

Mia tends to talk in her sleep. The other night she sat up and yelled -

Mia: Daddy?

Daddy from the family room: Yes?

Mia: Did Peter Piper really pick a giant pack of pickled peppers?

Daddy laughing: Uh... Yes. Now go to bed.

Mia: Okay.


I was about to leave my mother's house when Mia stopped and said...

Mia: Mom? How do you get gum out of your belly button?

Me: What? How did you get gum there?

Mia: I put it there.

Me: But why?

Mia: Because I didn't see a garbage.

Me: But you know where Grandma's garbage is. You could have come and thrown it away there.

Mia: I know and I wanted to, but I forgot about it and then it got really sticky so I tried to get it out by myself, but then it got smeared on my belly and on my shirt, so then I tried to hide it from you because I didn't want to get in trouble. But now... I need help.

(just a little hint, gum doesn't come out of belly buttons.)


Mia kept talking to us when she should have been going to sleep.

Me: Mia. I don't want to hear anything else from you. You eed to close your mouth and go to sleep.

Mia: Mommy? Just one more question.

Me: sigh... What?

Mia: Did you get the end of the story I told you?

Me: (Look confused) What story?

Mia: (Grumble) You mean you don't remember? Well let me tell you. There once lived three bears. One was born in a candy store and all he could say was Goody goody gumdrops...

(On she went for five minutes telling a silly joke that know she has never told me before.... WORLDS BIGGEST STALL)