Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Julie and Julia vs. Candie and Vivatera

Here's to a New Year...

I was watching Julie and Julia, which I really liked by the way, and I got inspired by some of the things in it, mostly that the main girl "Julie" an aspiring writer, had a blog and wrote some very interesting stuff that people liked.

I am not "Julie" and I don't particularly have anything interesting to say. But as part of my resolutions this year, I have decided to keep up on my blog. There are a few reasons for this.

1. I'm funny!

2. I need motivation to finish some of the major things that I have been doing lately.

3. Regardless of who reads this, and I have very few, I need to get my name out there. It won't be long before I will... and let me explain.

Back in 2006 I got an idea for a book. I wrote out a timeline, some character sketches, a few chapters and then I had a baby and didn't touch anything for about eighteen months. In October 2007 I hosted a book club where we read "Twilight." In the event of this action I decided to start writing on my book again. I was inspired by the sheer simplicity of the book and thought "If I had written this book I would've done so many things differently." Instead of eating my words, I put my words into action and continued on my book. I fell in love with the characters and creating. July 31st 2008 I finished my book. January 2009 I finished my rewrite of my book, in the summer of 2009 I had my book edited, then read it out loud and rewrote it some more... and finally... I am rewriting it again.

So it would be something to write a book, but when you have to rewrite a book 5 times you start to loose your mind. I'm doing a final draft and am not touching it. I'm designing it to sell on Amazon.com as a print-on-demand, but I also have an idea.

As a member of Goodreads.com, I see how fast word travels about books. So I'm going to do an experiment and set up my book on Goodreads, and put it as a book I'm reading... and I want to see where it travels. This is also a good tactic to sell my book to publishers. I tried (and am still trying) to sell my book, the olde fashioned way, but with the networking we have now, is that necessary? I'd love to have someone buy it and mangle it into a beautiful piece of art, but these first editions will be much more personal - my gift to you.

I have a goal of 3 months. Think I can do it? I want to do it before my sister-in-law Kris has her baby, but that is unrealistic, so I will set it at March 31st to have it marketed on Amazon. This is nothing like the year JuliePowell spent cooking with Julia Child, this is a much more realistic goal for me. I had a goal of writing a book, now I want to share my book.

So wish me luck!