Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conversations with my Girls!

While riding home from work -

Julia: Momma, the Sun is looking at me.

I look back at her and the sun is shining at her through the window.

Mommy: Sorry that the Sun is looking at you.

Julia: Yeah, I like the Stars and the Moon. Can you get the Moon to look at me?

Mommy: I'll see what I can do.


Mia: Did you know that aglets are important?

Dad: A what?

Mia: an Aglet.

Mom: An anklet?

Mia: NO! An A-g-let!

Mom: An Aglet? What's an aglet?

Mia: Sheesh! It's the tip of a shoelace!

Candie gets on -


[ag-lit] –noun
1. a metal tag or sheath at the end of a lace used for tying, as of a shoelace.

Mom: Where did you learn that?

Mia: Phineas and Ferb Mom! Geeze!


Gramma Sue said...
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Gramma Sue said...
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Gramma Sue said...

The reason I removed two posts is because I don't know how to spell. So embarrassing. Sorry - I'll try it again. What I said is "Of course, EVERYBODY knows what an aglet is. GEEZE!"

Winnie said...

You mean you didn't know what an aglet is? I actually remember hearing the word and meaning once, but I would never be able to recall either one if you asked me a question about them. Way to go, Mia! You'll do great on the game shows.

Julia must think you are really powerful!

Club Hasson said...

Yeah Mom... don't you know that Phineas and Ferb have a wealth of knowledge? Where've you been? LOL I've seen that episode twice now... I totally LOVE that Mia asked to that! She's so awesome!! Love her! :o)

Club Hasson said...

asked YOU that... not TO, I can't spell either, I wasn't even close! LOL