Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Adventures in Awesomeness!!

News! News! News! 

It's never a boring time with me.  There is always something crazy happening in my life.  Besides stuffing myself like a Turkey Dinner this holiday, I also did something a little insane.

What could it be??? you ask....

Let's take some questions from the audience...
  • Did you win the lottery?  sadly no, but I feel like I did.
  • Did you get your braces off?  - I WISH.  My news isn't that cool, but on that note, they will come off in DECEMBER! Santa is delivering my Christmas wish a little early.
  • Did you finally get that gum out of the carpet?  Nope, but better than that - I REPLACED IT!
Have you given up yet??  No???
  • Did medical science decide to freeze my embryos for future generations to bask in the presence of awesome me?  Umm... no, but that would be cool.  And on that other note, no I'm not pregnant, but thank you for thinking that I could.
  • Did you get your midnight tickets for THE HOBBIT?  OF COURSE!! And my shirts are hot and ready to feel the magic, but that's not it, though it's cool too.
Oh.... did you give up? Fine, I will tell you.

I decided to try and get my book published and guess what?  It worked.  I am now a contracted author with Xchyler Pubishing. (it's pronounced Skyler, for those of you who are thinking about some crazy baby name spellings).  I'm just getting started, but they are super excited to have me with them.

Next you'll see my very own theme park in Florida.  Cool huh?

If you have read my story and know the genre, just take a look at the website and you'll know my book is a perfect fit. http://xchylerpublishing.com/

Wish me luck!!!


Kesia said...

That is such AWESOME news!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled for you!!! Woot Woot!!! xoox

kaida said...

Hurrah!!! Congrats!!!

beckyhalls said...

Congrats Canni!!! Will your theme park be selling Count Chocula at the concessions stand? How about a ride called Naomi & Ry's Tunnel of Love? Team Ry! :) You're so cool.