Monday, November 12, 2012

Sitting With Dinosaurs

So called "Cute" party people.
I thought it would be an amazing idea to take my daughter for her ninth birthday to our bland new Natural History Museum.  This was a very appealing idea to my nerdy daughter and also my equally nerdy geologist husband.  We took a few of her friends, most of them very cute and not as nerdy, to this amazing museum.

The museum is designed in a rather tricky fashion - if you take the elevator to the top you can walk down the exhibits and see about EVERYTHING!

Watching all the heathen children scamper about in all the kid-friendly exhibits was fun and exhausting, but mostly fun.  Finally when you are walking down to the bottom floor you reach THE DINOSAURS!
Please note the tall Dinosaur at the end of the picture that stretches its neck high to the ceiling, "The Apatosaurus."

As we reached near the bottom I was rather distracted by a glass floor showing the excavation site of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.  
My sister minutes before the incident.  Notice the large leg in the back?
As I looked closely at the floor I lost my footing and stumbled backward.  If you notice the tall railing in the back, my hand grabbed it thinking I had a sure post behind me - however, what I had was a small tripping fence that I fell flatly over INTO THE EXHIBIT!  I was sitting bottoms down inbetween the Allosaurus and the gigantic Apatosaurus.  I looked over just to see the tall monster swaying by my human intrution.
I added this picture of"Breaking Dancing Alexa" as an illustration of the floor, the railing and the small fencing holding in the dinosaurs.

And then it dawned on me... I need to get out of here!  If this dinosaur topples I AM GOING TO BE ON THE NEWS!  This was trouble. 

I look over, no one else in the entire group saw me fall.  A few of the girls saw me.  "What are you doing in there?" one asked.  Good question.  I quickly tried to slide out undetected, but it was not as easy as falling in.  The dinosaurs were still moving and I thought every vibration might create the great extinction of the dinosaurs, from the NHMU.  But without help, I managed to get out of there without much humiliation from the others. I only had the long bruise across my butt to prove my personal assault on the extinction of the fossil giants - which I will NOT post on this blog... but trust me, it's there.