Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Kookies!!

I'm behind on my Blogging, so forgive me if I slam you with stuff.

For Christmas Mia got a small baking set, so we made Christmas cookies together...
Here we are in the kitchen making our Sugar Cookies.

Don't our cookies look so cute...

Mia had the best time cutting out the shapes. And the cookies were really good.

I woke up the day after Christmas to Mia yelling, "Mommy, Julia is making a mess."
So I asked how, and all she needed to say was, "Well, she got into the flour...." and I was up. She managed to get her top off and put on the Blinking Rudolph Nose. She's so talented.


Winnie said...

Yum, sugar cookies! I bet they were good. I think Julia was just trying to make sugar cookies, too. You have to have one or two flour messes in your life.

Gramma Sue said...

I hope you saved me some of those beautiful sugar cookies. Looking at them sure made me hungry! Mmmmm.