Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green Beans Dilemma

Mia: Mommy, do I have to eat the green beans?

Mommy: Yep!

Mia: But, I hate green beans.

Mommy: You need to eat at least three on your plate. That's not too bad.

Mia: But, Mommy, I can't eat this one.

Mommy: Why?

Mia: It's really cute mom, I just can't eat it.

Mommy: Well, you'll just have to eat one of my ugly ones.

Mia: (grumbling...) Well, that one looks really cute too.


Winnie said...

I didn't know there were "cute" beans. What kind are they?

Gramma Sue said...

Grandpa Johnson feels the same way about green beans. They are just too cute to eat!