Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mia's Christmas Tales

The Halloween Car

Mia: What if there was a Halloween car and it had a scary girl driving it? And what if I said to her, "Hey, it's not Halloween! Put a Christmas tree on your car!" Or "Put a Snowflake on your car, it's Christmas time!" And then she said "Okay." That would be so funny.

Mommy: That would be pretty neat.

The Christmas Crab

Mia: Hey mom, is there a Christmas Crab?

Mommy: A Christmas CRAB?

Mia: Yeah, and he used his claws to snip off the wrapping paper.

Mommy: That's cool, Mia. Is his name Sandy Claws?

Mia: No it's not Santa, mom. The Christmas Crab!

Mommy: Oh, sorry. So what is his name?

Mia: I think his name is Jordan. Yep, Jordan the Christmas Crab. And he lives on the beach and he is Blue, mom, blue not red. I hope he comes to visit this year.

Mommy: For being the Christmas Crab, does he get to do anything?

Mia: Yeah, he snips all the wrapping paper off the Presents!


Kristina said...

Those are some awesome stories! We wish we could be there to celebrate Christmas with you. Thanks for your presents, by the way. We loved them! Josh sat and looked at the Spam book for quite a while. It's pretty funny. And the Dangerous Alphabet is pretty awesome! Although it might give kids nightmares, the drawings are so cool! Josh and I read it together and had fun looking at all the creepy pictures.

We're coming to Utah on Jan 7th, but will probably be down in Provo or Bicknell until the 12th. Josh wants to get his family down to Bicknell that weekend, but I don't think he's talked to them about it yet--and he probably won't for at least another week. :) I'm still trying to figure out what to do about school and when to go up to Logan. I'll let you know if we ever figure it all out.

Club Hasson said...

I LOVE MIA... can she come over and play? You could come too, if you want!! hee hee

Gramma Sue said...

Mia is a sugarplum!