Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kevin Excessive Need To Cut Things

My Little Tree Hugger!!

I came home from work on Friday and half of my trees were GONE! But I can't complain. I love my trees, but they were growing into our house. Now that Kevin has nothing to do on Fridays, (except... I don't know... finish the basement) he decided to give our trees a haircut.

Got to say, Kevin has magic hands and my yard looks FABULOUS now. It looks bigger, my house looks bigger and our spatchy-patchy grass is now growing.

Julia is such a helper, don't you think?


Lisa J said...

My first thought after reading your title: " his fingers."

Winnie said...

Go Kevin! We're proud of you! And Julia is such a good helper. Cute pictures.

Dave and Becka said...

Dave did that too. I was really glad he did it but did he have to do it the weekend we moved in?