Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cani's Book Review of Everyone's Favorite... "Breaking Dawn"

I was hesitant to talk about the 4th book in the Twilight series and give everyone a chance to read it. But it's been 17 days nows... that's enough... and we had our book club yesterday and I hardly got to say what I really felt, since so many people LOVED the book.

DISCLAIMER: if you don't want spoilers, stop reading!!!

I COULDN'T STAND reading this. I thought that it would never end. There were moments that were okay... like some of the first 2 parts, even though I still had problems with a lot, but it was readable. But, I should just know before I read another Stephenie Meyer book, that she can never execute an ending that I will like... EVER!!! When I was down with the birth and the turning into a vampire, I looked at the book and thought, what the Heck? I still have 370 so pages left, what could happen? I think it was about 300 page tooooo long!!! And then where was no action? If you are going to write a book that has over 750 pages, there better be some action!! For crying out loud! They're VAMPIRES!! Let's have some blood!! Stupid passive vampires!!

And all though I wanted Bella to become a vampire, I missed her humanity. But, come on... did she have to be the "Ultimate Super Indestructible Mega-Vampire!" It wasn't fun anymore. Even though Bella was never my favorite character, I hated her as a vampire. Couldn't she still be clumsy? The bumbling lovable vampire that everyone just smiles and says, "... ah, it's just Bella..." and they laugh together. Ha...ha...ha...

A friend and I talked about this, which I agree, I don't like neatly wrapped packages. Some people, (Becka) have to have the neat package. Maybe Stephenie Meyer is the same. She is afraid to kill off characters. You ask is that bad? I think so. Unlike JK, who definitely is NOT afraid to kill off characters, but don't you think you need to feel sorrow, to truly understand JOY?

All I can say about this - it was a very valuable lesson to me, as a writer, of what NOT to do. It was my disappointment with "Eclipse" that led me to write my book in the first place.

So if I ever get my book published, I will have to thank her for firing me up!!!


Dave and Becka said...

Their is nothing wrong with happily ever after. You should have known from how she wrote the first three books what was going to happen.

She is so predictable that in some ways it wasn't fun trying to figure out what was going to happen. But as you kindly said, I do like nice little packages all tied up with a bow.

Kristina said...

I finally finished reading this book so I can now tell you what I think, but I don't think blogger will give me enough space to post everything I want to say about this book. :)

I had the exact reaction to the end of the book as you did. What?!? The Volturri just walk away? And now they know all about Bella's special powers, so they can go back to Italy and figure out how to become stronger than her then come back next year and kill everyone. I totally agree with you about Stephenie not being able to kill people off (at least the good people). Sure, it's sad, but if the vampire world is so "dangerous" as Edward always told Bella, why isn't any one dying?

I was torn about Bella becoming a vampire. I just don't think she belongs in their world. I've told you this before, but I kind of wish there was something that restricted her from being a vampire (with an ending like the King and I. Some people seem to be made for each other, but they belong in different worlds). And the whole pregnancy and Renesmee thing was a little strange. Although the author did an okay job of trying to explain how a vampire could get a human pregnant, I don't think someone without any other bodily fluids could get someone pregnant. Not possible. The addition of Renesmee to the story made the whole book about her and that wasn't as interesting to me (i.e. BOR-ING).

I'm sure I have more complaints that will surface later, but I'd also like to say that I did mostly enjoy the book. I'm just spoiled with JK Rowling that it's hard for any other author to live up to her writing. And I don't quite get all of the hype of these books. They are decent, but not that great. It took me awhile to get into the book, but it was entertaining and I'll probably end up reading it again (once I've completely calmed down about the awful ending).

Cani said...

kris, i got to say, it kinda is like pregnancy... you have to completely forget everything bad that happened to want to do it again. Then you get pregnant and remember, I yeah... I HATE THIS!!