Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jules Speak...

  • Say Milk? -- Mok
  • Say Juice? -- Mok
  • Say Dr. Pepper? -- Mok
  • Say Water? -- Waddy
  • Say Mommy? -- Mama
  • Say Daddy? -- Datee
  • Say Julia -- Ooya
  • Say Mia? -- No... (shakes head)
Common words:
  • Pain -- Airplane
  • Voom -- Car
  • Nay -- Horsie
  • Bockie -- Chicken
  • Nax -- Snacks
  • And -- Hand (she claps he hand together usually)
  • Ooze -- Shoes
  • Cucky -- Icky, nasty, or gross
  • Poop -- which is poop... sorry about that one, but she tells us.


Kristina said...

That's funny that she said didn't want to say "Mia." I have theories as to why, but I'm not a psychiatrist, so I probably shouldn't say anything.

Oh, and what about "Oooo oooo ooo" (monkey sound). :)

Dave and Becka said...

Man, I am missing so much. Tell her to stop it and wait for Thanksgiving to start doing cute stuff.

Mrs Super Fantastic said...

I'm slightly jealous because ed only says "ma ma ma" Jules is so cute

Gramma Sue said...

What a funny girl. By the way, I've also heard her say "Gamma."
I can only assume she means "Grandma."