Friday, September 19, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con Belated...

Me with my award-winning book,
and my super amazing shirt.
Thanks Brian!
Free ebook giveaway. 
I've been busy and have been slacking on my duties as an author and a fan.

If anyone wants to know how Salt Lake Comic Con was, I’ll tell you. I’ve never seen as many people in my life. It was crazy. But I wouldn’t change this fandom nerd girl for the world. I was there and ready to party.

Being part of the Utah Fantasy Authors was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt like I had run a marathon at the end. It was hard work, but very rewarding. I left making connections with people that will last a life time, as well as starting a guild within the League of Utah Writers, which I am fortunate enough to now be a part of. 

Check out the free ebook, with a sample from all the UFA Authors. Get a taste of what you like, then take a bite!

Setting up our booth space right on the corner

My awesome panel about Strong Women Characters

Close up - me envying Jennifer Nielsen
and Jen's evil eye
Thanks Melissa!

Meeting HULK!
Huge man, bigger in person, and Brooke was super nice and beautiful!
Dork me after meeting Hulk!

Ultimate Fan Girl who bought all of our books.
- with Adrienne Monson, Holli Anderson, Jen Greyson, R.J. Craddock