Monday, September 1, 2014

My Dreams Are Coming True! - Salt lake Comic Con

I'm so excited for the Salt Lake Comic Con.
I have to thank the production crew for looking in my past and digging out all my childhood favorites!!

Bruce Campbell - of course. I love him. I met him back when he was touring with his autobiography back in 2001. And I can't help it if he and my husband look so much alike!!
Much younger Bruce, Kevin, and me (in my round glasses phase)

Kevin Sorbo again! Maybe this time I won't be so star struck and can actually talk to him.

Hulk Hogan!! Anyone in my drama three class senior year might remember me doing an impersonation of him while being secretly film... need to dig that one out.

And of course - Mr. David Lopan (James Hong) "Shut up Mr. Burton. You were not put upon this world to 'Get It!'"

This time I am spending my time with 11 other authors in the Utah Fantasy Booth, located at 1616.

I also get the remarkable chance of sharing a panel with fantastic writers on the panel:
Women in Sci-fi and Fantasy Thursday.

I promise to post pictures.


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