Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Thanks!!

...and the countdown begins.

My book comes out tomorrow and here are some "Thank Yous" and some random thoughts as I prepare for the release of my baby into the world.

I love being Indie, I always have been. It appeals to my core being, if that makes sense. The fact that my book was picked up by a publisher doesn't change my simplistic outlook on life or my joy of writing. I looked for a publisher that had the same independent spirit.

Xchyler Publishing, my publisher, is an Indie publisher, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to whip a book into shape. My appreciation grows for them daily. I like them more because they are Indie, knowing they are working as hard as I am to make it succeed is complimenting to the process.

Editing is never easy. I was scared to see what they might change from the original... and I was surprised and blessed that they didn't want to change anything. My editing team gave me more focus on what the story lacked and how to tell it. Thanks to Lissa, Heidi, Penny, and everyone who helped with the old and the new.

I love my job and in order to do this they had to let me be a writer for a few weeks. Thanks Kelly, and the Blood Bank staff for fully supporting me.

Last, my terrific family. Mostly Kevin, who I dedicated this book to. He thinks my hobby is silly, I know, but it makes me happy and that's what makes him happy. He stayed away from reading it, because he felt he might hurt my feelings. Wise man. But he told me he would read it when it got published. He gets my first copy.

My children, Mia and Julia, will tell you I'm a great mom, since I let them eat an entire tub of cookie dough while I was editing. But I think I'm a terrible mom, not giving them baths at night and letting them go to school in shorts and long, unmatched socks - not brushing their hair or feeding them nothing but microwavable dino nuggets. So, here I ask for forgiveness. I hope you love me despite my deficiencies.

...and THANK YOU to everyone that has been so supportive during the years of writing and I hope you all continue with me as I explore more of my crazy mind and my love for creating worlds.

I'm YOUR biggest fan!


Sue Johnson said...

This has been a long, exciting journey. It's so thrilling to watch your world take shape and come to life. I'm YOUR biggest fan. Congratulations - you've worked hard and you deserve it.

Kimberly Colbert said...

On the contrary Candace, you letting your girls eat an entire tub of cookie dough, wear shorts with long mismatched socks is PRECISELY why you are a FANTASTIC and wonderful mother :) Great job on your two little works of art AND on your books!!

Dance Czad said...

fantastic ;)