Friday, March 2, 2012

Stupidity Ball

I had the lucky fortune of winning a Stability Ball at my work. I have never owned one. I figured - what would I do with this? And I don't feel I have the room for the huge rubber ball in my house.

But luck smiles on the fortunate.

I picked it up last night. They were kind enough to fill it for me and I was lucky enough to drive a SVU that could fit it in the back.

When I picked up my Jules from Pre-school she was so excited to see this giant ball in the back.

Jules: Is that for me?

Me: Nope it's mine.

She was rather confused. Why would Mommy want a giant ball? But I promised I would let her play with it, and she was fine.

Later I came home and mentioned to my husband Kev that I won something from work and that he would love it. He never asked what it was and started talking about his trip he just returned from. So I completely forgot to finish the conversation.

All four of us went to my 8 yr old Mia's Parent/Teacher Conference and afterward we thought we might grab some dinner. I was driving and it wasn't until I went to back up out of a parking place that Kev finally saw this ball. I mean, you couldn't miss it, sticking out, blocking my rear-view vision.

Kev: Holy freaking Ball!

Me: Oh yes, (I remembered I hadn't finished this conversation) I told you I won something.

Kev: What do you do with a ball that big?

Me: It is for exercising. It's my stability ball.

My eight year old Mia snickered: You mean STUPIDITY BALL!!

Yes. She had said it. What we were all thinking. I couldn't stop laughing.

Score one for Mia!