Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Breakthrough" Novel

I am so close to releasing Vampire-ish, it's going to be great!!
I know because of the vampire nature of the book and the over saturation of the Twilight movies, I will be releasing it as a POD and eBook coming in June, I hope.
The reason why so late -- I have entered it in to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I entered this contest last year with my first Everstar novel and it made it to Semi's, which I thought was fantastic. Vampire-ish is such a quirk, fun, refreshing read - as long as it is in the contest I cannot release it. If it does well, you should be seeing it in your local B&N coming soon.
I'll keep you posted.
If anyone is interested in this contest, here is some information. It is a great opportunity to get out and share your stuff. The contest is free and presented by Createspace - independent publishing. Great alternative if you want full copyright and distribution on your books.
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

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