Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Crackers...

Merry Christmas everyone! Thought I might share a few things to start off the season right...

The other night my husband and I were having a gentle discussion about finances and Christmas spending. We were both trying to reason with each other. I can't say it was an argument when my 7 yr. old Mia turns to us and says:

Mia: You guys need to stop fighting. I don't like Step-mothers.


Mia was being particularly "Full of It" and with Christmas coming, it's always nice to get out the threats of Santa Claus's naughty list.

Me: Do you need me to call Santa and tell him all about you hitting your sister.

Mia: Mom, you can't call Santa. He's long distance. You don't even know the number.

Mom: Yes, but I'm sure he has a Facebook page and can look up and see all the things I posted that were about you being naughty.

Mia: Well, you will just have to de-friend him.


We set up the Christmas tree on Saturday along with all other Christmasy decorations. The best thing though so far is the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set. BEST THING EVER INVENTED! I can let them play and never have to worry about it getting broken. The girls were so excited to get it out and start playing.

We have lots of other Little People Play Sets and Julia grabbed some of the others and Kevin began teasing the girls telling them the story of Baby Jesus - how Joseph drove a tracker to Bethlehem and the dinosaurs were in the stable and the three kings came riding on an elephant, a unicorn, and a tiger bringing presents of a basket of fruit, a stroller, and a pet giraffe.

Julia thought it was hilarious, but Mia took it very seriously:

Mia: Daddy, why would you tease us about Jesus? He wouldn't want a stroller for Christmas.

Daddy: What would he want then?

Mia: I don't know... Scriptures?

Happy Christmas!!


Kesia said...

LOL! I love when you post things about your girls! They make me laugh so much! You are so lucky they are yours :)

LBC2710 said...

love the blog to is too funny lol

MamaBug said...

These are just fantastic. We adore our Little People Nativity too.