Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Inspirational Writing Speed Bump

Ever since my book became public a lot of people ask me how my writing is going, specifically how my 2nd book of my continuing series is coming. I think it is only fair to tell you -It's not... well not yet.

I did something stupid and ruined my story. Let me explain. I am stuck in the middle of a story. I once took some advice suggesting to have a side project when you are writing so you can redirect your thoughts and have better clarity of your vision when you return. Well, this side project started becoming my main project. I am talking about THE SULFA REACTION - my hypochondriac vampire story, a satirical look at vampire fiction.

In the creation of story I always have a rough idea of where I'm going, but I never know how to get there. But I really felt the pressure of finishing this project mostly to move on to what I felt more motivated to write. I thought of just quitting Sulfa and coming back to it later, but I am only a few chapters away from finishing - how could I stop? I wrote up a timeline - a good idea for any writing project - I was heading toward the finish line at a nice Sunday drive pace when I hit some inspiration speed bump within a chapter and in a few sentences ruined my timeline.

This is what I call - a Happy Accident - one of those inspirational moments when your characters take over and you just need to be there as the hands that tell what they need to say. This happened all the time in Vivatera: Zander for example was not in my original story and now I can't imagine it without him. So when I made this decision in Sulfa, I knew that this was going to ruin everything that I had an idea for, but only to make it better. So I had to reformulate my ending and am nearing the wrap-up, but it has taken the wind out of me and taken some time to regroup.

So in short, during these writing months, before girls camp season starts (as I call it), I expect to be done with Sulfa by the end of October, devote November (National Write a Novel Month) to my second Everstar novel and see where it leads from there.

You know, I just thought about something. A lot of people aspire to write A book, as in one book like the great J.D. Salinger. But once you write a book, you write multiple books, never just one. Writing multiple books seems like a lot of words and completely overwhelming, but completely realistic, and once you write A book who could never think about not writing another.

But one thing you should consider - living in a world that you created sometimes is a better and happier experience than the one you are actually in. I tell myself that every day when I look in my laundry room. That is my inspiration to finish.

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