Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bagpipes are Beautiful!

I got a treat while visiting my In-Law's in beautiful North Logan Utah. Kevin's sister had the previlige of spending 2 years of her life in Scotland and while there she met a family - The Cruickshank's - now come on, can you think of a better Scottish name?

They were so delightful. When I first met them I really had to turn up my hearing. It was English they were speaking, but it was so low and grumbly it took me a minute to catch on. And we got a private bagpipe concert. Can you believe that they take them everywhere. I was super impressed.

Here are some things I learns about Scots -
  • My Mother-in-law's house is HUGE! They couldn't get over how big and wonderful it is.
  • When in Utah, Scots put ice in their Bagpipes. You heard it right. Ruaridh (Pronounced Rory) brought them with him and the dry air here will actually make the pipes shrink.
  • When listening to the bagpipes - cover your ears. Ruaridh played for us and they are LOUD!!! But the droning can be muffled out when you cover your ears. Not that it's awful or anything.
  • When about to play the bagpipes don't tell your neighbors what is about to happen. It's best to have all the heads out the windows and doors wondering what in the world the Thomases are doing now?
  • Every Scot has a connection to Rob Roy or Harry Potter. Dave Cruickshank was in the movie Rob Roy and you can see him for about 5 seconds. JK Rowling lived not far from there home in Scotland when writing her books and they claim she took their last name for Hermione's cat - Crookshanks.
  • Scots like Muse. So do I.
  • Scots - well, the Cruickshank's were not so familiar with horses. It was rather funny watching Gary ride that horse.
  • The Cruickshank's couldn't get enough of the blue sky.
It was a pleasant experience and I can't wait to become better acquainted.

Here is a picture of the lovely family -

Ruaridh, Bridgett - Dave's mother, Cheryl, Dave, and Lisa...

And here's Gary on the horse. Gittee Up!!

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