Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cookie Recession

Consumers beware... I have a major complaint about these so called "Mint Oreo Fudge Cremes."

Here's the complaint:

I was in our grocery store the other day and saw this beautiful box with Oreo cookies being drizzled with chocolate and the word MINT on the top. YUM!! Three of my favorite things. I have lately been an Oreo fan, since they started smothering them with chocolate. I remember a brief period in my life where I played checkers with Oreos, just like the commercial suggested to do and didn't want to touch them for a while, but smothered - especially minty smothered yumminess brought me back to heaven.

I remarked to my daughter in my compulsive nature. "Oh look, they brought back the covered Oreos. It doesn't get much better than smothered Oreos." She quickly said, "Yes it does." She doesn't like chocolate if anyone in the world didn't know.

I couldn't even wait for the ride home to have one of these - I opened them in the car.

And I immediately thought - "Oreo must be being hit by this Recession." The cookies were have the size of what they should be. They twisted off half of the cookie with the cream and dipped it. No sandwich. It can't be called an OREO if it's not a sandwich. I believe it was the Greek Gods that actually created the sandwich - and called it an "OREO" it was the Earl of Sandwich that made it popular. If I have my history right.

It was also very devious of the Oreo people to make the box so big, if you have half the cookie you expect and still only get sixteen cookies!!

To be fair - it does show a picture of an open-face cookie getting gooed by chocolate and in very thin, small, curvy letters reads: "A Crispy Chocolate Cookie Topped with Unmistakable Oreo Mint Creme, Covered in Fudge." This is all Oreo Lawyer covers for RIP OFF!!

I don't like that they used the word "Unmistakable" but it clearly was "Mistakable."

But I did eat all the cookies and dip them with milk and enjoyed the flavor and I might buy them again if they go on sale...


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Winnie said...

I would definitely write a letter of complaint to them. I guess they think no one will notice. We're just not as dumb as they think we are. The same with the ice cream cartons that used to be 2 quarts. They are now 1 1/2 quarts, and I swear they whip tons of air into the ice cream. They are so light. Fie on them, too.