Monday, October 20, 2008

Mia's speak...

Just a few of the funny things Mia has said today that I thought you would enjoy...

Mia: Mom, I really need to go potty.
Mom: Well go then!
Mia: But I'm scared of Frankenstein.
Mom: Why?
Mia: because he lives in the toilet.
Mom: Frankenstein doesn't live in the toilet.
Mia: Where does Frankenstein live then?
Mom: In Europe.
Mia: Does Europe have a toilet? Gardner Village to see the Witches.

Mia kept running away, easily distracted by the people and witches. So, I got out the Harness, or Baby Leash meant for Julia and strapped Mia in it. After a minute she got the idea.

Mia: What am I a dog or somethin'?

She stayed by us after that.

At one of the witches a girl looked over at Mia.

Mia: Mom, I think that girl is jealous of me.
Mom: Why?
Mia: Because I'm cute mom. She was jealous of my clothes, I think.


Gramma Sue said...

Mia makes me laugh - what a funny girl!

Winnie said...

She's hilarious. She reminds me so much of Kevin and some of the things he would come up with when he was younger.

Club Hasson said...

Oh my hilarious Mia!! I just LOVE her. She is so "you" in a little body. Love her sense of humor!