Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bad Idea?

Can you see what is wrong with this picture? Everything!
The kids wanted to make a house using real wood. They tried to balance it with the flimsy plastic patio chairs.
I think Becka and I were partly to blame. We saw what they were doing, and quickly left for Old Town in center Fort Collins.
I wished I had taken a picture of the pile of gold fish crackers. It was on the ground at the bottom of a tomato plant wire coop, which they tied to a pole with bungee cords and put Julia in the middle of like a cage. Really sorry I missed that one.

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Dave and Becka said...

You make it sound like it was our fault. We did see the building of the house but the worse that would happen is someone would get a sliver or a bump on the head.

But the way the boys made it sound it was our fault that the kids put Julia in the cage.