Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Cards for Everyone!

I didn't make Christmas Cards this year. I've been living in a Hobbit Hole for a few months writing. I couldn't climb out of the great mountain on laundry to muster the energy it takes for Christmas Cards.

But my 10 yr old made some for her friends that I thought I would share in hopes to pass them to you with holiday cheer. Enjoy!
Dear Cassidy (her best friend), You are so- AWESOME! I think you should have a Merry Christmas. The Great Zecora predicts it! Happy Holidays!

Dear Katie (her Aunt), I hope you have a great Christmas. That reminds me of an episode of Shaun the Sheep. I will tell you about it later. Happy Holidays! P.S. It's a Christmas Episode.

But this one is my favorite! Happy Christmas!

Dear Sarah (a girl in her class), I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Did you know that the first Christmas tree was in Germany? It was discovered by a guy named Martin Luther. Happy Holidays! Martin Luther in Germany "What the--?"

P.S. That's not what really happened and that's not what Martin Luther really looked like.

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Sue Johnson said...

That girl is so adorably cute! She makes me laugh so hard. I appreciated the disclaimer on her card to Sarah. I was glad to know that's not actually what Martin Luther looked like.