Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tape the Season!

For anyone that received my Christmas card probably laughed when I said my Mia tapes everything.  Yes.  She has a serious taping problem.  She's a Tape-holic!

Tape is Magic!  Tape can do everything.  It can fix cocoa mugs.  It's good for wall decorations... and broken zippers... and restaurant signs.... and taping the cat's legs together.  Tape is an amazing invention.

This last week I have been busy with my writing and I let me girls have the freedom of a messy room and wearing jammies all day.  What I neglected to do was put away the tape.

I walked into my daughter's bedroom to find my girls covered in stripes.

You know the book where the girl doesn't like veggies and she turned all striped.  That is basically what I saw.  My girls (Mia being the mastermind) had stripped to skivvies, taken scotch tape and wrapped it around their arms and legs.  Then had taken markers and colored the tape best they could, which was not that good, since the right side was colored with the left hand.  They had also found the Christmas bows and placed them on their body.

Mia stood up to show off her new skin.

Mia: "Hey Mom!"

Me: "What in the world...?

Jules:  "It was Mia's idea."

Me: "I can tell that."

Mia: "Look Mom!  I'm a Christmas Prezzie!"

Me:  "Good thing.  Santa will be very glad, since he won't need to stop here for Christmas."

Jules, my 5 yr old, quickly started ripping off the tape and went to the bathroom to wash off her body, continually saying it was Mia's idea.

Mia just looked at me and said, "It's okay Mom.  He doesn't have to wrap my present.  Santa will appreciate my creativity."


Becka Thomas said...

What I wouldn't do for pictures of that. I doubt Mia stood still long enough for pictures but man that would be an awesome picture to show her kids.

Winnie Thomas said...

I think you should have video"taped" that. You could have saved it to use for leverage when she's a teenager. Of course, Mia probably wouldn't care if you showed it to everyone, so maybe that wouldn't work. :)

Sue Johnson said...

What a delightful child! I'm sure Santa does appreciate her creativity - I know I do! She gives the word "Mastermind" a whole new and wonderful meaning!!