Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Storytime with Daddy

It was my husband's turn to read to my five year old Jules before she went to bed.  I listened from the living room as I typed on my laptop.  This is what I heard.

Jules: Let me pick out the book, Daddy.

Daddy: What? Barbie, A Fairy Secret?  Where did we get this crap?

Jules: Please Daddy? (very charming)

Daddy:  *sigh*  "It was the opening night of a new movie starring Barbie and Raquelle. Raquelle was the first to arrive at the theater. 'Raquelle, we're so thrilled you could make it!' gushed the reporter. Suddenly, Barbie and Ken walked down the red carpet..."  Really?  This is lame.  Did you mom buy this?

Jules: Come on Daddy. Read it.

Daddy: "Furious that her spotlight was stolen, a jealous Raquelle stepped on Barbie's dress."

     I could hear the disgust rising in his voice, but he kept reading.

Daddy: "Barbie's stylists,"... Stylists? "Carrie and Taylor, rushed to the rescue.  Barbie didn't know it, but the two girls were really fairies from a secret world called... Gloss Angeles????"

Jules: Ummm.... Maybe I should pick another book.


Kristina said...

I wish you could have secretly recorded that on video!!

Sue Johnson said...

That was absolutely priceless! It just shows you how much a Dad will do because he loves his little girl! Bravo to Kevin!

Moore Linda said...
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