Friday, June 1, 2012

Dragonswood Review

DragonswoodDragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book.  It gets a full star for the cover.  I was stunned. 

I was very impressed with the language and overall structure of the book.  Though set in the twelfth century, the sentences were very well constructed and it was easy to read and relate.  Sometimes period based reads are harsh reading, but for the age group, it was honey.

It was a proper book. It's what I hope to achieve some day.  There were some very obvious plotlines that I don't think needed to disguise, but yet, I never could predict where it was going, which I liked.

It was clean.  There was brutal reading about all the beatings, but for character development, I feel it was necessary to understand the fear and realizations of the main character, Tess.  There was no language to worry about or situations you wouldn't wnat your mother reading - just adventure, and magic, and dragons, and witches, and fairies... and everythign else!  SWEET!

Janet Lee Carey really put a lot of time into this read.  There were many references to items or habits, which are period, and I had no clue of what it really was, but it didn't matter.  As the main character, Tess, described her world, you understood it without looking on, because it was real to her and through action, needed nothing further.  That is what I appreciated the most.

The love story was sweet and gratifying, without being explicit.  I loved the banter between Tess and Garth.  It was fun and genuine, with well written dialogue.  I love dialogue!  It communicated of souls reaching connection, for a stronger bound.  How awesome!

Kudos Janet!  I loved it!!

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