Saturday, March 26, 2011

My first "FIRST PLACE"

I won!! I actually got a place in something. For a while now I have received some high Honorable Mentions on my stories, but this one was First Place in the Children's/Teen category at the Oquirrh Chapter in the League of Utah Writers. I was actually shocked.

Here is an idea of the night.

I have been sick for the past few days and I didn't want to go at all. My husband was out of town and my awesome family were gathered to watch the BYU game, which sounded more fun than attending this meeting. But a few weeks before I had receive an email from the committee chair stating I had won and to be in attendance that night. So I braved the night and went.

I was one of the last, if no the last to come in, so I had to sit near the back. They talked about a bunch of things before and we introduced ourselves and what we write. Then they moved to the awards.

The chairperson - a woman name Natty Dye - who is so adorable I would love to be her new best friend - introduced herself and mentioned about the emails and was grateful for the turnout, but she did mention that the email stated - YOU MAY HAVE WON - not that you HAVE won. At that thought I got nervous...

There were a few different categories and the first one was First Chapter contest. That was the one I entered, so I listened for my name... third place, nope - second place, nope - first place, ....nope... She didn't read my name.

So here I am - sick as a dog, feeling like an idiot for coming and realizing I had not won, and felt tricked.

But I didn't have the courage to leave, so I sat there listening to the winners read or tell about their stories and how awesome and more wonderful they are than mine.

When she got to the last category - CHILDREN'S - she read through third and second place and I honestly was trying to be interested, but I was more interested in the clock and how soon I could go home and go to bed.

Then she read "First Place... Prodigal - Candace Thomas".

What??? I stood a little shocked. I wasn't prepared at all. What I had submitted was my first chapter of my sequel novel to the Young Adult Fiction the Vivatera called the Conjectrix, but I wanted to spare the committee the explanation of the title, so I called it Prodigal after the Chapter name.

I hadn't prepared to read it either. I had lost my voice and then had to think on the fly of what I could tell them about it without horrendous detail. I think I did okay, but I got nervous and my words rambled around. I felt like an idiot, and all these people thought I was a rambling idiot too.

But it's too bad. The chapter is very good and I may post it here later when I have more time.

Thought I would share... Yeah me!!

P.S. I checked at home in my emails and mine did say You Won, so I feel better about that.


Winnie said...

You didn't have an acceptance speech prepared, thanking everyone who has ever done anything for you in your life??? Next time I'm sure you'll have more confidence in your talent and have one prepared. Congratulations! I'm proud of you!!!

Sue Johnson said...

What can I say? You're AWESOME!!

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