Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the Season...

to share some things I didn't expect to hear or say this Christmas season.


Me: Mia, don't spit on the Temple Grounds.

Mia: But when I see a dry place I just need to get it wet.


Mia: But I really want a Rapunzel Tower for Christmas.

Me: But it is so expensive.

Mia: But I asked Santa to make it and Santa will get it for me.

Me: Well, let me explain something about Santa. Santa has to have a job too. He can't just give stuff away all the time. He has to make money too and I can't afford for Santa to get that for you.


Me: Julia! It's time to get up.

Julia: No mom. It's time to get down.


Mia: Mom, if we go somewhere for Christmas, does Santa still come to our house?

Mom: No. If he knows where you are sleeping, I'm sure he will know where to take the presents.

Mia: Oh Mom, you are always thinking aren't you.

Mom: I guess so. That's what a brain does. It thinks.

Mia: But not if you have a brain transplant.

Mom: Well, yes, I guess you might stop thinking if you consider having one of those.


Michelle said...

I am laughing so hard right now!!!

Gramma Sue said...

I love those funny girls!