Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Potty Juice

A brief conversation with my 3 yr old-

(I walked into the bathroom to find pee spots all over the seat and the toilet not flushed.)

Me: Jules, come here. This is so disgusting. You need to flush.

Jules: I didn't go potty mama.

Me: Mia's not here and I know Daddy didn't do this.


Me: Then what is all this?

Jules: Juice.

Me: Juice? What juice?

(I looked to see she had a cup in her hand.)

Me: Did you drink my Pineapple Crush?

Jules: I was just borrowing it. And it was in here and I wanted it in my cup so I dumped it in the toilet.

Me: You dumped my drink in the toilet?

Jules: I got it from my room and I scooped it out of the potty.

Me: Oh Jules... that's so gross... Don't drink that or I may never kiss you again.

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