Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Traditions

Yesterday I had my family over and got to thinking about some of our family traditions...

Our Easter Toast
I remember the conversation that led to this tradition. Every year my mother would buy Marshmellow peeps and I couldn't tell you why. I think Marshmellow Peeps are the nastiest idea of candy ever invented - this coming from a girl who loves sugar. I remember questioning who was going to eat them. I hope I'm not wrong in this, but I think it was my brother Nathan who said "Let's have a toast. To Easter!" So we all toasted with him, bit off the heads of out Marshmellow Peep and threw the rest behind us. Hence, the beginning of our Peeps Toast.

The Easter Ninja
My sister Becka always insisted that we color eggs though none of us ever wanted to. But we would start and have a lot of fun. One year when I was a teenager we got so in to coloring that we colored the ones that weren't boiled also. Now we had a problem - which ones were which? There really wasn't a way to tell so what were we going to do with them. That's when we decided to throw them at my brother Josh, who was very nimble and quick and said he would be the Easter Ninja. He also had my brother Adam's kitana sword and would swing at the flying eggs.

We have a little song about the Easter Ninja:

I'm the Easter Ninja
I've come to steal your Eggs.
I'm the Easter Ninja
I'm popular at kegs.

When I was a kid this song was hilarious...

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Becka said...

My kids look forward to their Easter Toast as much as they look forward to their baskets.