Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Snack Troll Returns

The other morning I woke up to my two girls sitting in front of the television with a big box of candy and tons of wrappers all over the ground.

The "Big Box of Candy" is placed above my sink high out of reach of these two monkeys, meant to "Reward" those that clean or be nice. In the past, when Mia was younger, we had who we called "THE SNACK TROLL" who guard the snacks and we had to ask permission to have any snacks. I hadn't thought of him for a while now, forgetting how fun it was to have a troll in our home.

So when I asked, "How did you get the candy down?" I wasn't expecting to hear from Mia, my 6 yr old...

"I moved over the stool and stood on the counter, but I had to get on my tippy-toes to reach the box and almost dropped it."

"But who said you could have some?"

"Well, I asked the Snack Troll - in my mind - and he said I could have some."

"I didn't know he was around."

"Yeah, he's back from visiting his cousin The Garbage Troll."

"And where does the Garbage Troll live?"

"In our basement with all the trash."

Couldn't argue with that.