Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sore Winner! Version 2

Mia and I played Wii sports and I realized something...
  • Mia: Mom you are sooooo losing.
  • Mia: I am so winning you.
  • Mia: I love strikes! Just love, love strikes.
  • Mia: In your face! All over the place!
  • Mia: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
  • Mia: I love love winning, especially winning you Mom.
  • Mia: You missed!!
  • Mia: Stri ee i ee ike!! In the Face mommy. In Your Face!
  • Mia: (victory dance with a lot of shaking her booty) Yes! Thank you!
  • Mia: I rock at Bowling!
Sound familiar - I didn't ever know that my competitive gaming was hereditary. Yikes!!


Gramma Sue said...

How funny is that? That girl can talk some serious trash!

Dave and Becka said...

HaHaHaHaHaHa!!! I think she is the daughter I wished on you. After years and years of "In your face, Becka! I am the winner and you are the looossseeerr" I think you deserve it.

Dave said...

Candie, it's not hereditary, she just picked it up from watching you.

Gramma Sue said...

Now we see the power of a bad example!