Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Tale of a Tail-less cat

So Marduk, our overly-friendly, tree-climbing, brainless, tall-less cat ran away on Saturday before the snow storm. TO his credit, it was a Lovely day on Saturday and we were all outside, so when he didn't come home, I wasn't too worried.

But when the storm came, I did get worried, it was a really bad storm which snowed a lot. We had 3 days of storms and I figured, stupid cat froze to death while climbing a tree he couldn't get down.

We went to the shelter... not there. We went to the Humane Society... nope!

So I figured.... no more cat... best of luck to you... Murphy was super happy loving me again, but he's so so so stinky...

...well, I got a call tonight from a neighbor, a couple that live on Mock Orange behind me about kiddy-corner. YES! They had Marduk and were loving him to pieces. They had a tail-less cat themselves named buster and were wondering what to call her?

Wait! What? Her?
I said his name was Marduk and she told me what a strange name for a girl. This lady's daughter was a vet tech who came and checked out the cat for them and confirmed, SURPRISE IT'S A GIRL!!!

So now I have m kitty back, but I guess I better rename Get those ideas to me, I need them. We'll have a small contest or I will end up naming her Griselda.

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Kristina said...

I'm glad you found him/her. I think it's funny that half of the picture you have of the cat are also of me. Your sister-in-law who lives half way across the country. Did you secretly pay the neighbor to tell you that Marduk was a girl so you could give her a new name? :)