Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sigur Ros

Red Rocks is such a cool place to see a concert. It was a sold out show!! The whole experience was fun.

Sigur Ros played a phenomenal show, and our seats were amazing. The band all dressed a little out-of-the-ordinary, Jonsi (Lead singer) looked like an homage to 80's Adam Ant. But the music was awesome!!! Does three exclamation points means enough?

Jonsi even broke his bow on the last song before the encore. My favorite was is Kjartan, the keyboard player. He is the talent of the band, doing all the arrangements and whatever, but he ROCKED!!! I loved watching him.

Here are the three of us: Kevin, Me, and David. They geeked out at the gear after the concert.

...and yes, that is Bilbo Baggins we found at the show.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Political Views!!

With such a historical election year, I thought it only fair that I let others know my political views, like posting a sign in my lawn.

I know that it is a long shot... I mean... REALLY long shot... and some may question, "How could Harry Potter win, he's not even American?" Or "Why would Harry pick Ron as his running mate when we all know Hermione is such a better choice?" Let' not even point out that he isn't really, never lived, total fabrication of a genius mind... These are all valid arguments and I have one answer for you.


...and the more I look at Sen. McCain, the more he is looking like Lord Voldemort. His eyes kinda look snakelike. Just an observation...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby "Beauregard?"

Look at this cute thing!! And he smells so sweet like yummy new baby!! I do not eat babies, but they have those sweet cheeks... EH!!

Josh's baby boy was born Sept. 13th around 8 pm and weighed 7 lb 11 oz. Katie really wanted to go through labor, so she went nearly two weeks over before they started her. Sixteen hours of labor before they took him by c-section. Poor girl, but the baby is cute and sweet... ah!! there I go again... (deep breath... no baby... no baby... no baby...)

We went to the hospital on Sunday to see him and by then they had still not thought of a name. But we asked Mia what they should name him and she said, "How about Beauregard Kevin Johnson?" And the name stuck. He is now baby Beauregard, regardless whether they like it or not. They eventually ended up naming him "Thomas Bryon Johnson." It is not in homage to Moi, more like the current prophet or something like that. I still think Kevin will tease him about it his entire life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good ole' Homeland Security!

Nothing like a healthy dose of fear on September 11th.

At the Blood Bank we had our alarm go off on our Irradiator, for no reason.

Okay, first, you need to understand that this IS a Radiation Devise, in which you have to go through a FBI back ground check, has a metal cage around it with huge locks, that cannot be opened without a key that is behind a keyed lock, you need a fingerprint and badge to open it, fill out an RPR1A form for the State Radiation Officer, and 2 letters of recommendation.


So... the alarm went off for no reason and security was alerted. Now, this alarm is not a pretty sound and would not shut off. I felt myself turning into Rainman... Buzzing... def..definitely buzzing... Campus police showed up and Hospital security. It was my finger that opened the door and made the alarm go off, so they had to question me. Nothing like 5 alarmed police officer questioning you about your terrorist activities. Me? The Mormon wife of a member of the Bishopric. Great!! We finally got a hold of someone who turned the alarm off, but he had to shut off the system. Which meant, we got to irradiate our blood with an armed guard standing like a Sentinel watching our every move.

I'm sure we wouldn't have gotten the royal treatment if it were any other day!!