Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Political Views!!

With such a historical election year, I thought it only fair that I let others know my political views, like posting a sign in my lawn.

I know that it is a long shot... I mean... REALLY long shot... and some may question, "How could Harry Potter win, he's not even American?" Or "Why would Harry pick Ron as his running mate when we all know Hermione is such a better choice?" Let' not even point out that he isn't really, never lived, total fabrication of a genius mind... These are all valid arguments and I have one answer for you.


...and the more I look at Sen. McCain, the more he is looking like Lord Voldemort. His eyes kinda look snakelike. Just an observation...


Dave and Becka said...

My thoughts exactly!

Mrs Super Fantastic said...

I agree completely and wish I would've realized it sooner. You've had that bumper sticker way longer than those crazy people have been running.

Go Potter Weasley '08